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Love Me - or Let Me Go! - 17th February 2016


This month's blog post is a nod to Valentine's Day, albeit a rather belated one!


Here's a question for you to ponder. Would you want to remain in a relationship if you no longer felt loved?



Believe it or not - there is a decluttering analogy here!



Now consider your living space


You have filled this space with items you have chosen over probably quite a long period of time.  We must assume that when each item entered your life it did so because you wanted it there.  


Maybe now your living space is rather cramped?


You know you need to declutter but you just don't know how to begin.


My invitation to you is that you look very closely at the 'things' you have amassed.  It doesn't matter where they came from, it doesn't matter how long you've had them.  Nor does it matter how much they cost or how much you think they may be worth.




In relation to each of your possessions there are only two things that matter.


Do you love it?  Is it useful?


If you neither love it nor find it useful then it really is time to let go.  



Know when the relationship is over


Let's go back to the Valentine's Day analogy.  Think of it like this - you have a 'relationship' of sorts with absolutely everything you own.  The test is for you to know when that relationship has come to a natural end.  Otherwise you're hanging on to items when really you should be giving them their freeedom!


Consider these unloved, unused 'things' which are probably languishing somewhere covered in dust.  They are not fulfilling their purpose. They were all made to be used and/or loved in some way.  Think of all the resources that were used to create your possessions.  It's really only right that you liberate things you no longer want, thus enabling them to be loved or used by a new owner.



When a romance is over it's best ended with respect and consideration.  The same goes for your relationship with your belongings.  You will feel so much better parting from things if they are allowed a second life rather than just being consigned to the bin.  It doesn't matter if you sell things or give them away.


Just do whatever feels right for you and for the specific item. 


Maybe you're stuck because you simply don't know how you feel about your things?  Or perhaps you don't trust yourself to make the right decisions?


I have lots of experience helping clients do just this - it is the foundation of all decluttering after all.  So do get in touch if you'd like a bit of help.



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