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Jottings for Businesses


•  Waste Time - Waste Money - Get Stressed!

So often with my small business clients office space (or lack of it) is a major challenge. Lots of these businesses are after all, home based or on a tight budget regarding premises. 


Running out of space ends up being a huge drain on your resources. Especially your time.  Time spent looking for things. Time spent trying to tidy the space.  Every task takes so much longer than it should. Worse than that, we all know - Time is Money!


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•  Tiny Bedroom Becomes Efficient Office!

Judith Hanson is a Northamptonshire based hypnotherapist who works from home.  




Judith consulted me prior to a house move as she knew she needed to reduce and organise her office content before moving it all to its new location.

Judith's decision to declutter first was a good one. After all, why pack and move a lot of content that is actually obsolete?  

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•  Is your Office an Alien Environment?

I love to work with business owners who have a passion for what they do and a vision for growing their business. They want to grow so they can serve even more people with their unique creative offering.


My passion is their passion, in fact!



What do these clients have in common?


In addition to the passion they have for their business they all have a strong aversion to the administration that is fundamental to their success. For them, the office space and the paperwork feels like it’s a million miles away from their passion.  It just gets in the way.
One client told me her office felt like it had no connection whatsoever with her business!
My clients are creative, passionate, practical, and bursting with ideas. Whether that's a designer, a photographer or someone who makes bespoke furniture, they’ve got pretty much the same challenge. How to manage their office function without compromising their creativity?

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