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Flex your Decluttering Muscles - 7th September 2015



Do you belong to a gym? Attend an exercise class? Or engage in any other activities designed to improve your level of fitness? Even if you go dancing once a week or choose to walk rather than take the lift, that’s a conscious decision on your part.



What does exercise have to do with decluttering?


Decluttering can sometimes be a physical challenge, if for instance you’ve decided to clear out old furniture. That’s not the point I’m making here, though. I’m not expecting you to adopt a special ‘get fit’ regime before doing any decluttering!


Exercising once a year would probably not do you any good!


Never put off until tomorrow . . . .

Hold the exercise analogy! Now think about the decluttering you really want to do - but haven’t got round to - yet.


If you ignore the need to exercise you’ll end up feeling unfit and ultimately unwell. Your muscles will be weak and you’ll struggle to find any energy. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as we all know . . .



What happens when you ignore the need to declutter?    


You may feel depressed, tired, suffer from insomnia, struggle to concentrate, and be generally unwell.  Make a start in any way you can. In the same way you can start small with exercise and build up, the same holds true for decluttering.



Warm up your decluttering muscles!


If you’ve not used them for a while, or ever, this might feel a bit strange. Just like your first visit to an exercise class. Don’t worry, nobody is looking at you!


Exercise professionals always encourage you to warm up. Don’t rush at those challenging exercises or you’ll get an injury. What can you declutter that is an easy first step for you? If your whole room or home is in a muddle - try not to dwell on it! There’s plenty of time for that once your ‘training’ has progressed.



All exercise is easy!


Running is easy, isn't it? We can all run! It’s just that some of us (including me), aren’t very good at it.


Clients often think that decluttering is ‘difficult’. It isn’t, when you think about it. It’s basically a three step process:


1. Identify an item or items to declutter

2. Commit to decluttering the item(s)

3. Remove from your home and dispose of it/them in a suitable manner



Your training programme


Most of my clients experience resistance to any or all of those three steps. You may well have these kind of issues yourself.  Start with something easy. Often this is a large item, something that occupies loads of space. In a room full of ‘stuff’ it’s the large things that stand out. Identify one and get it out of the room. Resist the urge to put it in the loft or the garage. Instead, dispose of it in a way that not only feels good to you, but that can be actioned ASAP.


When you’ve done that - give yourself a pat on the back. Sit down with a cuppa and admire the space you’ve just created. Well done, you’ve just experienced Level One in the declutter training programme.



If however, you’ve got a room, or rooms like this:



All successful athletes rely on a great coach.

Someone who understands them, motivates them, teaches them expert techniques and supports them when they feel like giving up . . . .


e-mail or CALL ME NOW on 01327 705294. I work with clients like you to get great results in the minimum amount of time.










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