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Decluttering inspiration - what's yours? - 24th November 2022


When I think of all the clients I've worked for over the years, those who had a particular reason to declutter definitely made the best progress! One woman wanted to have her grandchildren to stay overnight. A young man wanted to cook his girlfriend a special meal and serve it in his dining room. They were inspired to take action!



You might think you ought to declutter?
Maybe others have hinted that you should declutter?

Neither of these are exactly inspiring though, are they?

You might be convinced that you would feel better if you did some decluttering. But even then, there's not really anything to aim for, it feels a bit woolly and vague.

Somehow or other you need to ignite a spark of enthusiasm for decluttering. Excitement even! Most people view decluttering as a chore at best, or at worst something to be dreaded or even feared. This does not help your mind at all. At best you will feel flat and completely uninspired.



Instead, focus on what eyou would do differently if you had way less clutter at home?

Maybe you'd have friends round to visit? Or family?

Maybe you would feel proud of your achievement?

Maybe you would feel more confident in life generally?
Maybe you would feel more relaxed?
Maybe it would enable you to decorate your room?
Maybe it would mean you could do some YouTube yoga on the floor?
Maybe it would mean you could study at home and do that OU course you always dreamed of doing?


What have you dreamed of doing - but been stopped in your tracks by a cluttered home?

Think about how you can take INSPIRED action. Inspiration is the fuel for your journey.


If you want some moral support along the way, then do get in touch. There are a variety of ways I can help you




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