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New Year's Resolutions - are they are a waste of time? - 2nd January 2023


I've long held the view that New Year's Resolutions are a waste of time! However, it appears I'm not alone . . . .





As 31st December approached I decided to run a survey in my FB group to see what members thought about this subject. Since the group is full of people who want to declutter you might imagine they would be keen to make a resolution at midnight to spur them on with their decluttering.

34% of those who took part agreed, "resolutions are a waste of time."

16% agreed "I don't have the willpower to make resolutions work."

16% believed, "making a resolution at new year feels like too much pressure."


I can only imagine that most of those who responded have at some point tried a New Year's Resolution. It must have seemed like a good idea at midnight on 31st December. Pretty soon though they realised that you need more than a resolution to make major changes to your life. Also, that the pressure of doing this can more or less prompt failure! One woman commented that when she has "failed" at a resolution in the past, it has prompted her to give herself a really hard time about it. Thus, she probably ended up feeling even worse than she did before making the resolution.



What's wrong with decluttering resolutions?

  1. Too much pressure on 31st December and with others
  2. Goal based - therefore hard to get passionate about the outcome
  3. Often too big and too vague


What's an alternative to decluttering resolutions?

  1. Choose to start on a day that feels good for YOU - make it fun!
  2. Decide how you would like to FEEL in your home, set that intention, let the intention guide your actions
  3. Be specific as to what you want to do, start with something small and easy, then build up


If you want help with discovering your alternative to a goal based resolution, then contact me via email.





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