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Duplicates - 11th July 2023


If you need to declutter, it's likely you have a lot of duplicate items at home!




Often, when I've worked with clients in their homes it has become apparent that part of their clutter challenge is having multiple duplicate possessions. Sometimes these clients have not even realised this to be the case, until the duplicates are gradually revealed by the decluttering process. I well remember working with a woman some years ago, helping her to declutter her kitchen. By the time we were done, I think she had found five sets of nutcrackers! Clearly it was an easy decision for her to part with four of them. 



How do we end up with multiple duplicate items?

Unfortunately, when you have a lot of stuff AND it is not stored in an organised manner, then it's easy to believe you need to buy nutrackers (for instance), or that somehow, you have lost your nutcrackers, and thus need to replace them. This will likely happen repeatedly, unless something changes. So you end up spending money you don't need to spend, and you are also adding to your clutter. 

This is not the sole reason though. 

The way you approach shopping plays a big part in this process. If you go out to the shops (or go online) knowing what you need and why you need it, that will hopefully mean that you don't buy items that end up as clutter. However, if you have a particular style you favour then you might go over the top with purchases. Especially if they are in the sale!

When I've worked with clients who wanted help decluttering clothing I have noticed how a big part of their challenge is having way too many garments that are pretty much the same. White T-shirts into double figures. Jeans into double figures. Countless pairs of black trousers. Unless this is all a person ever wears then it's not a good idea. Wardrobes and drawers only have so much space. If you are the person with way too many white T-shirts and way too many jeans, then you won't have much room for smarter clothing, or work clothing. The result of this is that clothing gets stuffed into bags and shoved into the bottoms of wardrobes. No wonder clients are surprised when they see just how many pairs of jeans they own!

Next time you go shopping, watch yourself like a hawk. Don't deviate off your list. Also, the minute you find yourself admiring a lovely pair of jeans - remember how many pairs you have at home. If the ones at home are not being worn because they don't fit or are threadbare, then clear them out ASAP. 



What to do about multiple duplicate items?

Once you've realised this is the case for you, then you must be realistic about what you actually NEED. Also, be realistic about what you can accommodate. When you've located multiple duplicates simply choose the best one or two and declutter the remainder.

Unless you've started decluttering you may be blissfully unaware that you even have this problem. If this is you, then I suggest you do two things. 

Firstly, make a plan to start decluttering soon!

Secondly, notice when you feel a need to buy something because you consider it lost, and ask yourself, is it really lost? Or is it hidden in a muddled pile of unrelated items? You might also find yourself remembering a recent time when you were in this exact same situation. You might remember that when it happened last time, you bought another set of nutcrackers!! Then it is time to start looking at how you organise and store things.


Want to take action? Need some help?

If you don't know where to start with all this then I suggest starting small. Whenever you notice a duplicate item, take action! Begin to declutter and organise small areas like drawers and cupboards. If your challenge is clothing focus solely on T-shirts for one session, then choose another category of item. Keep going, keep decluttering. Join my Facebook group, 'Declutter, Release, Let Go' and be part of a friendly decluttering community. 

Coaching with me is a chance to get personalised advice and encouragement. Pay as you go. My aim is to empower and inspire you, so you might not need very many sessions. If it stops you accumulating more duplicates then it's a way of saving money in the longterm. Drop me an email to start the ball rolling. Find out how coaching could help you. 








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