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5 reasons to declutter this autumn - 27th September 2023


What's so different about autumn? Why would this season be especially good for anyone considering some home decluttering? Read the rest of this blog post to find out!



Reason 1:

This season is ALL about decluttering and trusting that process! Trees shed their leaves, many plants die back into the ground. Nature does not get into a panic by concluding this is a terrible thing. She knows that this process is necessary for the strong renewal and re-birth that takes place in the spring. She knows that winter is a time of dormancy and rest. 

Let nature inspire you. Trust that now is a good time.


Reason 2:


Those of you who are parents, or like us live opposite a school, will know that September is the start of the new school year. From our house we can see the children in their new uniforms going into school and most of them have a look of eager expectancy. They know they are starting something new, something different. It might be their first day at school, or it might be their first day in a new year with new teachers. For this reason I always feel that this time of year signals a time of new beginnings and new things to learn. It's engrained into us from our school days.

You can be a part of this, no matter what your age. If you've never done any decluttering, then why not embrace it now and learn a new skill? Learning and growing is intended to be a lifelong process. Don't forget, I'm on hand to help you. Request one of my 30 minute complimentary video chats to discover the various ways I can support you with your decluttering, whether that's home clutter, head clutter or a combination of both.



Reason 3:

We all know that autumn is the prelude to winter. As the days get shorter, darker and colder it is less appealing to spend time outside. Hence, we spend more time at home. If that home is filled with clutter and disorder then it has a jarring effect on the nervous system. Sitting indoors looking at your clutter all winter is not a recipe for feeling good about yourself. The bonus of autumn is that it gives us time to prepare for that time of enforced home time. It gives us time to release clutter, create some order and focus on making the indoors cosy and welcoming as opposed to cluttered and stressful. 



Reason 4:


Christmas is coming! We've kind of opted out of the whole Christmas bandwagon thing, and you can do that too if you want. On the other hand you might get a huge amount of pleasure from the celebrations. If you have children, or anticipate receiving lots of Christmas gifts yourself, now is a good time to clear out unwanted items to make way for those gifts.

Regardless of gifts, if you want to entertain others in your home over the Christmas period, then now is a good time to get on top of that project before you have to start thinking about the finer details. So your autumn project might all be about preparing for Christmas, if that's what you need to do. 



Reason 5:

Simply that there is no time like the present! You might have some regrets that you were uninspired on 1st January, that spring failed to motivate you and that summer passed in a flash. No matter, all we have is now - so forget beating yourself up - instead choose to embrace decluttering this autumn. 

I hope you now feel inspired for some autumnal decluttering?

If you are not sure where to start or how to go about it, then contact me and arrange a complimentary 30 minute chat to find out more about how I can support you towards successful decluttering. Click the link in the previous sentence to email me, or call me on 07850 580802.






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