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Don't Fall Victim to Festive Fever! - 17th November 2015


What is 'Festive Fever', you may ask?


I would describe it as a compulsive urge to shop in excess for Christmas.  This could include excessive quantities of decorations, Christmas novelty items, festive food and drink, and even over doing it on the gift purchasing front.


My message is a simple one:


Don't let Christmas drive you crackers!









Some would-be readers have just hit the 'exit' button on their device, marking me down as some kind of Scrooge like character who is against people enjoying themselves at Christmas . . . 

I'll direct this remaining content at those of you who admit to a sneaking feeling they may have overdone it in previous years.  This being reflected in the sad state of your bank or credit card statements come January and February.  



Not to mention cupboards full of stuff that is only on display for two of the fifty-two weeks in a year.  


Maybe piles of gifts around the house that weren't exactly welcomed by their recipients, that you are now obliged to store?



This isn't just about money


Far from it.  This is about identifying what you really want.  What constitutes a 'good' Christmas for you?  Most people would probably say that it is to do with family and loved ones.  


Having everyone together for at least one day over the holiday.  Enjoying time spent together, exchanging gifts and sharing some good food and drink.  Beyond that it might be about joint favourite activities like a blustery walk after Christmas lunch or letting your uncle cheat at Monopoly - again!



Time to stop the merry-go-round of stress


How would it be if you could access a simpler Christmas?  One where you weren't rushing around like a maniac buying things you don't really need just because "it's Christmas".  How would it be if you could realise that you're in control of this and that by changing you might actually do others a big favour along the way?


Shops are dangerous places in the run up to Christmas.  Even the most organised person can be tempted to 'just buy' that lovely table decoration or stocking filler, despite the fact that there was nothing outstanding on their list.


It strikes me that a lot of this is aimed at making us all feel guilty. We haven't done enough, we haven't spent enough.  We will be found lacking in some way.  We've disappointed our family, etc, etc.


What if you opted out of this merry-go round of stress?  





What would your 'minimal' Christmas look like?


Forget 'tradition'.  Start with a blank slate.  If the aim was for you and your family to enjoy the break, what would you need to change?


Less visitors?

Less shopping?

Less cooking?

Less gifts?

Less decorations?

Less spending?


Remember this is about finding your own level and reducing the excess to the point where you can have fun and relax.  


I hope you can spot an element of decluttering? Even if it's only a decluttering of expectations, obligations and guilt.  It may be a cliche, but there really are times when 'less is more'.


If you're thinking this is all very well, but that you will disappoint others if you go for a more minimal Christmas, my suggestion is to consult them.  You may well be suprised.


If this feels attractive - but unachievable, then let's talk.  

You can reach me on 01327 705294 or by e-mail.










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