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Mad March Declutter - 24th March 2016


Here's a question for you.  Do you have to be mad to declutter?


Here's my answer.  Not necessarily - but it does help!


Intrigued?  Read on to find out how you can take inspiration from the so-called 'Mad March' Hare.




Of course there is more than one definition of 'mad'.  There's the one associated with being angry and the other, which implies insanity.  


Those of you who are nature lovers will know that when hares 'box', it's nothing to do with madness.  It's just the male hare's way of keeping rival males away from his female.  Those hares are just full of the joys of spring! 


What on earth is the connection between boxing hares and decluttering?


Let me elaborate.  If you wish to do some decluttering you may start by understanding that it needs to be done.  You then move on to knowing you'll feel better if you can get it done.  The problem you may be faced with though, is a lack of enthusiasm.  Even a lack of energy. It could be that just the thought of tackling your clutter makes you feel exhausted.


enthusiastic girl


What you need is a burst of energy to get you through the task. A burst of enthusiasm, even. Energy and enthusiasm often go hand-in-hand. Even though you're not enthusiastic about doing the decluttering, surely you can get enthusiastic about the results?


You could wait until you're ready - but that might never happen if you're feeling really apathetic. Alternatively you could work on changing how you feel.



Think about what it is that gives you energy.  My own method is walking briskly, even when I don't feel like it.  I find this is the spark for more energy that I can channel wherever I need it. Others are energised by listening to loud music or by dancing.  It doesn't matter what it is - as long as it's legal!  You need to find a way of getting in touch with your body. So much of modern life is about what's going on in our heads.  So, if it works for you, put on your favourite lively music and dance around the room.  You can close the curtains if that helps.


You may even need to get mad!


By that I mean angry.  So many of my clients have told me they judge themselves for letting their situation get 'so bad'. It's sad that they feel this way, but it is possible to turn that round and make it into a positive. There is an energy in anger that can be quite useful. That feeling of 'I've had enough of this!' might be a starting point. Let your anger fuel your decluttering. Do you have a room you haven't used in ages?  If so, does that make you angry?


What's stopping you?  Go wild and act like a March hare - it's time to get decluttering.


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