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How do I Motivate Myself to Declutter? - 5th July 2016


I've been hearing a lot about motivation recently.  Or more specifically, I've been hearing about a lack of motivation when it comes to people's decluttering projects.  I'm often asked,  "How do I motivate myself to declutter?"


So I thought it was something we could explore here on the blog.



Does this sound like you? You know in your rational mind that  it makes sense for you to declutter - but you just can't seem to motivate yourself to make a start. You may end up feeling as though you are sabbotaging your own efforts! You'll also feel frustrated, of course.


The thing is, for every positive thought you might have about decluttering there will no doubt be a negative one to stop you in your tracks. This is unfortunate, to say the least.


Think of the positive thoughts as 'cheer leaders' there to provide encouragement and keep you motivated. They help you see how much better life could be if you just made a start with your decluttering and worked towards your clutter-free goal.


If you think about cheer leaders in general, they could never be accused of being unenthusiastic, could they?  Ra-ra-ra! 



So, all those thoughts that make you want to rush into a room and deal with your clutter, they definitely stem from your inner cheer leader.   Your inner cheer leader will see all the positive benefits of decluttering.  She will provide encouragement and will always want you to celebrate what you've achieved.  


Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


So what reasons might your cheer leader come up with to get you decluttering?  Well, of course that depends largely on your personal situation, but here's a list of things she may well be singing into your ear. A list of decluttering benefits.



Cheer leader motivation to get you decluttering!


You'll be able to have friends and family round for visits

You'll feel far less stressed and anxious

You'll be able to find things with ease

You'll feel comfortable at home

You'll be able to use all your rooms as they were intended

Your home will be a much safer environment

There will be less family arguments

You'll feel better about yourself

You'll be able to set a better example for your children

You'll have more money if you curb your shopping



FANTASTIC - shall we get started then?


Whoa!  Hold on a moment. You and I both know that there's another voice, one that has plenty of reasons why you should just leave everything exactly as it is.  This voice is quite undermining of your best efforts, let's call this your 'STOP'


Sometimes your 'STOP' may seem persuasive and reasonable.  Sometimes more forceful.  When you really listen though the message is that 'STOP' just doesn't want you to try anything different.  'STOP' doesn't want you to take any risks.  'STOP' wants you to maintain the status quo.  The nicer side of 'STOP' is that it's trying to protect you from change and perceived upheaval.


I'm sure you're familiar with the reasons put forward by 'STOP'. No doubt you've heard them many times before.


STOP - reasons not to declutter!


You don't have time

You don't have the energy

You'd have to make some tough decisions

You might get upset and feel worse

You're happy with things as they are

'Shopping' is one of your few pleasures

You can get a bigger place

You'd find it too difficult

You're not hurting anyone

You've tried before and it hasn't worked



Which of these two will gain the upper hand? To a certain extent that's down to you. If you can just make a start and listen to that cheer leader then gradually 'STOP' will have less to say on the matter!  


Success will give you more encouragement and your cheer leader will be with you all the way. This isn't to say you won't have setbacks, but the more you do the better you'll feel and the better you feel the more you will want to do. That's the way it goes. All you need to do is trust your cheer leader and take some action.


If you get to a point where you need some help then you know where I am. My role is both practical and as a cheer leader! I'm happy to discuss the best tactics to keep you moving forward.








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