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'Quick Wins' If You're Stuck with Decluttering - 16th February 2017


What's a 'Quick win'?


Well, in this context it's got nothing to do with the lottery or getting 'house' at bingo!












So what is a 'quick win'? How can it help me declutter?


It's actually a term often used by those in the coaching profession.  In a decluttering context it would apply if you think you have a BIG decluttering challenge and don't know how to get started.  The 'Quick win' approach encourages you to look for small aspects of the BIG problem that can be easily accomplished. Hopefully by the time you've achieved a few quick wins you have begun to 'undo' the initial problem which then doesn't seem so daunting.  'Quick wins' naturally follow through into the 'domino effect' where when you've had some small decluttering achievements you get to a point where you are inspired to continue and finish the task.  Momentum builds as you go.


If you want to try this approach to your decluttering you need to work out what would constitute a 'quick win' for you.


This will be different for everyone to a degree, but here are some pointers.  In order to be 'quick' you need to get your hands on something that is easy to remove from your home and that you won't have the slightest qualm about taking to a charity shop (or wherever).



Avoid anything that is emotive.  Instead select practical items that are either worn out or surplus to requirements.


Don't forget you also need this to be a 'win' so when you've done the action you need to reap the benefit. This leads me to think that you need to either choose a larger item or go for something that you have in bulk.  That way you will see a big difference once the items have left the building.


Maybe you've habitually saved bubble wrap or cardboard boxes? Just in case!  The cardboard could be a candidate for your recycling bin which definitely qualifies on the 'quick' front. Or perhaps you've got a big stack of old magazines and newspapers? The same applies.


Another option is something you no longer want but you know just the person who would absolutely love it.  Let them know and get them to come round and collect it.  They'll be chuffed they've got just what they want for nothing and you will most definitely have a 'quick win'. 



You could go radical?


Radical decluttering?  Steady on!  Actually this could be a potentially quick-ish win that will free up a huge amount of space.  Think surplus furniture. Yes, honestly.


Do you really need that coffee table that collects clutter and is never used for coffee cups?  What about the odd chair that's in your bedroom?  


Do you just treat it as somewhere to pile up your clothes?  What about the baby's cot?  If you 'baby' is at school now that's something to consider.  You could get a double-whammy if you identify a piece of furniture that is only housing clutter.


In fact the more I think about it, the more I'm tempted to suggest you look around for a smallish item of furniture that just houses "stuff".  Things you don't really need and where the overall effect is one of sheer clutter!  


Go for it and see where it takes you!  As ever I'm here to help and would also love to know how you get on. Please do get in touch. 






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