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Declutter Duplicate Content - 30th November 2016


In a small office, space will always be at a premium.


Holding onto duplicate information wastes space, not to mention your time, as you endeavour to find things amongst a heap of stuff that is way bigger than it needs to be.  This applies equally to your digital space.  




Wouldn't it be great to clear all duplicated content and enjoy the feeling of spaciousness you've created? You will also save time and generally be more efficient as a result.  



Digital Content


How on earth are you going to know if you have duplicate files lurking on your PC or laptop?  Surely finding them would be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack?


Actually, no!  


I'm indebted to a regular reader of Judith's Jottings for sending me this link.


How-to Geek shares various programs which will sort through your files and find the duplicates.  


Ingenious!  Better still most of them are available free.  My contact used Duplicate File Finder and told me it works a treat.  She runs this every few weeks to keep on top of the problem.


Often this problem isn't necessarily of your own making.  You would have to be super vigilant to keep on top of all the different versions of a file sent to and fro by clients and suppliers.  These programs can help you sort the wheat from the chaff and ensure you keep only the most up to date and appropriate versions of a file.



Paper Content


This is more of a challenge, unfortunately.  In an ideal world your filing system would pretty much prevent duplicate content from accumulating. In theory of course it would all end up in the same place and would soon become apparent, prompting you to take action.


The problem is that if your filing system is rather ad-hoc or non-existent, then duplicates will be hidden in a variety of places.  The clue lies in the word 'system'.  Maybe your paper content is stored but there is no system as to how it is stored?  Or perhaps there was a system ages ago when you set it up, but it didn't work and you gave up on it? 



Are you bursting out of your office?


If you're working in a space that has paper content on every flat surface, including the floor, then it's probably time to reign it in.  As much for your sanity as for the efficient working of your business.



Prevarication breeds duplicate information


The more accumulated paperwork you have in your business the more duplicates will be generated.  You will find yourself in a cycle of fire fighting, managing a variety of mini crises that occur on a regular basis.  All because you have not responded to certain documents, letters, invoices, orders and so on.  This inaction will generate reminders and duplicates that unfortunately exacerbate the problem.


Soon you find yourself in a downward spiral of stress and over work - none of which has any impact on the problem.


The mountains of paper will grow ever more quickly unless radical action is taken.



How I can help


If any of this strkes a chord with you please do get in touch for a chat.  


I've worked with a number of small business clients helping them establish systems that work with their own logic.  Having a logical system means you can confidently declutter duplicate paperwork knowing you have the correct version safely filed for future reference.  


Wouldn't that be rather wonderful?




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