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Seven Reasons for a Pre-Christmas Declutter - 6th December 2016


You may be in Christmas denial (I am) - or you may be planning a huge family celebration.  No matter, anyone can benefit from a bit of pre-Christmas decluttering.


In this blog post I want to give you some really good reasons for briefly turning your thoughts away from turkeys and tinsel to a spot of festive decluttering. 


My aim is that it will be quick, easy, and hugely beneficial.

















1 - Feeling the festive stress?


A spot of aerobic decluttering will make you feel much better and more in control! Read on for some ideas. An added bonus is that you will go into the new year with a new mindset and feeling more positive.





2 - Fairy lights in a tangle?


As you put up your Christmas decorations you could opt for a more minimalist look. If you are prone to feeling low after Christmas I would urge you to go minimalist and subtle. That way your home looks less bleak after Twelfth Night. You could also use the time as an opportunity to declutter any tatty or broken decorations that are just taking up valuable space.  This time next year you'll be glad you did it!



3 - Is granny coming to stay?


If so, what is your spare room like?  Give granny a treat by decluttering and making the room more welcoming.  It doesn't have to be 'Ideal Homes' just make sure the floor is clear and that there is somewhere for your visitors to put their own things.



4 -Do your children already have too many toys?


Do yourself and your children a big favour this year.  You want them to appreciate the value of things, don't you? Negotiate on gifts. Getting relatives to club together for something your child really wants is so much better than unwrapping a pile of would-be clutter on Christmas day. Equally, encourage your children to donate toys and games they've outgrown to charity shops. Explain this will help children who may not get much in the way of gifts on 25th December. If you want to make it more personal, consider donating to your local women's refuge.



5 - Don't just focus on the new - what about the old?


Lots of people use Christmas as an opportunity to upgrade their stuff. A new phone, or tablet, maybe? New clothes? New gadgets of all kinds. Lovely. However, if you know you're going to be the lucky recipient of such a gift, give some thought as to what you will do with the original version. It is so easy to just put it into a drawer, isn't it? OK, it involves more effort, but if you recycle or donate the old version you are less likely to feel as though you're bursting out of your home any time soon.



6 - Be a considerate gift giver


In other words, don't let the festive spirit make you into a giver of clutter!  



7 - How long will it take? Clue - reason number 7 is that it doesn't need to take very long at all!


Well, you could make it take ages. Hesitating over every small decision. Or, you could be bold. You could think of the results you want and you could just go for it. Remind yourself that your stuff has been in a heap of clutter for ages - and conclude that therefore it is not stuff you need or want. Be inspired by the thought of taking loads of lovely things to a charity shop of your choice.  Go on, it is Christmas after all.



In a panic?


If reading this has just made you realise you can't do this on time and on your own.  Please get in touch for a chat via phone or e-mail. Just click the link or visit my Facebook page and ask a question.  






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