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Decluttering - the Journey, Not the Destination - 13th July 2017


I'm always a little wary of people who tell me they are "always decluttering." I sense they are looking for some kind of affirmation from me - that they're the ones who have got it right.


Have they got it right? Do you envy those kind of people?












Decluttering is not an art form to be perfected


Don't be under any illusion. You don't have to work hard at getting decluttering right. Because, get this - it's ridiculously easy.  I'm not giving away any professional secrets when I say this.  Think about it, all you need to do is find something you don't want any more and get rid of it by some means. Easy. Job done.  Oh, and repeat a few times.


I don't spend every waking moment thinking about decluttering - and nor should you. Declutter what no longer serves you and then get on with living your life.



Here's what you really need to learn


This is also quite easy. Well, it's easy to grasp the concept.  Whether or not it's easy to carry out depends on many factors. So, it's not about a constant round of stressful and time consuming decluttering. It's really about having a natural flow of things in and out of your life. New things come in, other things leave effortlessly and just at the right time. Broken things go when they become useless, for instance, instead of sitting around gathering dust. 


If you're anything like me, sometimes it will be easy and sometimes, nigh on impossible. Yes, that's right, I have my own clutter issues from time to time. That's how I can appreciate that sometimes it's hard for people to let go, especially when there are sentimental feelings involved.






Don't make it all about decluttering


As you become more self aware you will have less need to declutter.  Letting go of stuff will no longer be a big deal.  It will just go when the timing is right with no drama or anguish. This is what I mean when I say it's the journey - not the desitination. 



So, what is the destination?


I would say the destination is a life lived without overwhelm, burden, or obligation in relation to 'things'. It is a sense of freedom and expansiveness. It is the realisation that you are not controlled by your memories, your past, or your stuff. Ultimately the destination is a place where you can be yourself. This destination is  not governed by how many "things" you have, it's your relationship with them that matters; although as you progress you will have less than when you started out.




Sounds good - BUT - not sure I can do that!


Are you willing to look deep inside yourself?  This is never just about the stuff.  To embark on the journey you need to be prepared to access some potentially challenging emotions. Otherwise, you're not on a journey, you're just going round in circles, but then if you've read this far, you probably realise that's the case.



If you want to give it a go, but prefer to have someone there to help and support you, someone experienced, then you know what to do!  First things first, we need to have a chat, no obligation and no charge.  We may end up working together, but only if we both think that is your best solution.






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