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What if your clutter had a 'Best Before' date? - 4th July 2017


We're all used to checking Best Before dates on food and perishable items. Often this means that things have to be thrown out because they are basically life expired. At some level then, we are OK about decluttering food because we know that if that date has passed then the food will not taste as it should and ultimately it will go off.


What about other things you have in your home?



This topic came up as a result of some discussion on one of my Facebook Live videos. I was asked a question about keeping sympathy cards. Between us, we concluded that sympathy cards have an expiry date. They are sent to console, express sadness and to send love at a time of immense loss. It's not surprising that often they get kept.


At what point do they cease to fulfill a purpose?


Loss at some point also becomes about moving on in life. Finding new ways of being and coping without a special person. I would argue that to a certain extent keeping the cards is keeping you stuck in that initial phase of grief. One way of knowing if you are ready to part with your sympathy cards is to note when you last looked at them. It's more than likely that in those first few weeks or months you looked at your cards and gained some comfort from them. If you haven't touched them for years then they have served their purpose. You can let them go. What matters now is which friends are still supporting you - not who sent you a card when you were first bereaved.



What other things might have this invisible 'best before date'?


Hopefully having read this blog post you will already be thinking of things that have served their purpose and that you no longer need.


I would put most greetings cards into this category. Training manuals from years ago are another good one. Catalogues and brochures. Hobbies you no longer indulge in. Your wedding dress - I know that one's a bit contentious! Clothes that no longer fit, or are worn out. Anything broken that no longer works. Items where you have upgraded but kept the original - for example your old phones and technology.

Plenty of ideas here and I'm sure you can come up with your own.


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