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Don't think about decluttering - 30th May 2017


Fed up with clutter?  

You don't want it in your life any more, right?

Despite this you still feel stuck?


Well here's a different way of looking at the situation . . . . .



It is  quite easy to get 'fixated' on what we don't want in our lives. Almost to the point where our every waking moment is dominated by that which we seek to get rid of. Sometimes it even dominates our dreams! 


So, why not try a different ploy?


Think of all the things you have in your life and instead of focusing on what you consider to be clutter, focus instead on what you would like more of and those things for which you feel grateful.                                                                                                                  


Write a list if you like. Imagine all kinds of things being delivered to your home. Which deliveries would you welcome? Maybe if a lorry load of love turned up, you'd sign for it? 


When I think of this list I can scarcely think of any 'thing' that I want more of. The stuff I'd like on tap is good feelings and experiences. I could never tire of being by the seaside, for example. Or at least I don't think I would!


I believe that where you place your attention is key to your life experience. So, if your attention is permanently on clutter you can't shift then that's where you will get stuck.


If however your attention is on the good things in life, your clutter takes a back seat and has less power over you. Once that connection is weakened by focusing elsewhere, decluttering becomes so much easier.


This theory is based on The Law of Attraction which you may have heard of.  When I first encountered this concept I was quite sceptical. However, my scepticism has been proven wrong.


I would definitely advocate further reading. Although I would just add that The Law of Attraction is about a whole lot more than simply visualising what it is you want!


A while back a friend told me she had a journal specifically for recording daily gratitude. I've been doing this myself now for quite some time and it's surprising, even on what feels like a 'bad' day, there is always some little nugget to appreciate. Hearing the song of a blackbird, or encountering a friendly shop assistant, for instance. In terms of The Law of Attraction, this practice would be referred to as 'raising your frequency'.  


The practice of gratitude can change how you feel about yourself and about life in general.  I'm convinced that adopting this practice would have an impact on your clutter.  It's not that you're ignoring it, simply that you're not letting it drag you down and monopolise your every thought. Once the clutter has lost its hold over you, then it's much easier to just decide. That's it! It's all going!

If you'd like to know more about how I could help you make this shift, then please do get in touch.




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