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Sedimentary Layers - 30th June 2017


I know nothing about geology, but it does fascinate me.  I love it when it's possible to see the layers of strata in some cliffs for instance.  I marvel at the fact they have built up over thousands of years, each layer telling us something about the circumstances of its creation.


it occurred to me recently that people have the same quality.  As individuals we evolve over time and each 'layer' represents something different in our lives, a shift or change in circumstances.













Emotions as sedimentary layers


I'm currently working with a counsellor on some of my personal challenges. This process is helping me release long buried emotions and I am beginning to feel better.  I've realised that the relative depth of these layers of emotion is not necessarily time related. My own experience is that the most challenging emotions are the ones that I have buried most deeply.




 Sedimentary layers of clutter


If you think about clutter in a literal, physical sense it can definitely be seen to have sedimentary layers.  If you don't take action on a growing pile of clutter it will get to the point where you can more or less date the various layers! This is because nothing gets moved, of course, and there you can see the analogy with emotions that go unexpressed.



The overwhelm link


Regular readers will probably be fed up with hearing me talk about overwhelm, but yes, here it is again rearing its ugly head. The link between buried/layered emotions and layers of clutter is likely to be overwhelm. 





What feelings have you buried?


Think about what stops you dealing with any clutter you may have? An honest answer might be that you just can't face it.  This is not unusual nor surprising. If it was just a random pile of 'stuff' chances are you could set aside some time and tackle it.  But it isn't just a random pile of stuff.  The things you have accumulated have got 'stuck' because for some reason each item resonates with an emotional aspect of you. Maybe even an emotion that is in itself buried and unacknowledged.


Does this strike a chord?



Sensitive decluttering can help you clear emotional blocks




I work holistically, and thus I would never view a decluttering project as purely a practical exercise.


I don't rush my clients, nor do I try to force them into a decision that doesn't feel right for them. The whole thing is a voyage of self discovery for the client with me gently guiding it. Often a client will experience a moment of clarity around their situation. After that, try to stop them decluttering!



If you find this concept intriguing, then get in touch and find out how it might work for you. I'm more than happy to have a chat.




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