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3 Reasons to Declutter in September - 11th September 2017


September - beginning of autumn? Or the start of an Indian summer?


We shall see!


Whatever the weather decides to do, I'm convinced September is a really good month for your decluttering project.


Here's why . . . .



Reason 1 - kids back at school


The new term seems to mark a change in the air for everyone, not just parents and children. 


Parents, however much you enjoyed having your kids off school and in holiday mode, now is the time for some reflection. If your house has ended up in a state of chaos as the result of the holidays, you now have a bit of breathing space to make some changes. Think about what works and what doesn't in your home.


Getting ready to go away on holiday generally shows up the areas that need to be decluttered or just better organised.


Think about those things you couldn't find, for instance? How many cupboards and wardrobes are full to bursting point? If you end up with stuff spread around the floor in children's rooms, could this be because the storage there just doesn't work?



Reason 2 - new challenges


study-921885_1920Do you have children who have just moved up to senior school, or who will be starting at a local college? These are landmark changes for children and adults alike. It makes sense to help your child prepare for the onslaught of those extra hours of homework.


Does he or she have a dedicated study area? Could one be created? Some gentle assistance in establishing this space will hopefully be welcomed. Especially if bank of mum and dad can supply a desk and the necessary computer equipment!


Besides this, take time to consider how homework will be managed and stored. Aim for your child to begin the new term feeling prepared, rather than disorganised.  A dedicated study area which is well organised will make a big difference to levels of concentration.


You might be pleasantly surprised if you suggest some decluttering to your child at this point. They will be only too aware of the fact that they are moving on and leaving more childish activities behind. Nonetheless, don't force the issue, because certain things may be acting as a security blanket, at least in the first few weeks of term.


Maybe you're about to embark on some adult education? Some time ago I did some work for a lady who was preparing to start an OU course. She hired me to help her declutter and organise her new study area. You may not have been a boy scout, but this is definitely an occasion when it pays to "be prepared".



Reason 3 - winter is on the way


The weather during September can be gorgeous, but don't be under any illusions. Summer is over! Already the days are getting shorter and soon there will be an autumnal nip in the air. 



I don't mean to be doom laden.


My intention is to make you appreciate the benefits of decluttering this month, rather than procrastinating further. You will have relative warmth, without excessive heat and it's still light into the evening at the moment. Don't waste the opportunity.




Although most decluttering is done indoors you might feel inspired to tackle a garage or shed and if you have to take stuff to charity shops and the tip, then it won't be too unpleasant. Most car boot sales run through September, but less into October and beyond.


Also, think of the benefits of decluttering before winter arrives. It's natural to want your home to be cosy and snug for the winter and part of that for me is not having too much stuff lying around! 


If you think about it, we must spend a lot more hours indoors during the winter months so you don't want to feel hemmed in by clutter. Rather, take time now to literally create some living space for yourself. By the time next spring arrives you will be very glad you made the effort!



Not sure where to start?


I'm always happy to help. Visit my Facebook page for inspiration, or work with me via Skype or in person. Get in touch and tell me about your September decluttering challenge.






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