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28 Day Declutter Toolkit - starts Saturday 30th January! - 15th January 2021


 My Unique Decluttering Programme


Take part in the next Toolkit - starts Saturday 30th January!


If you answer 'yes' to the questions below, then the 28 Day Declutter Toolkit can help you deliver the decluttering results you yearn for.


  • Are you ready to declutter your home?
  • Uncertain where to start, or how to go about it?
  • Fed up with feeling overwhelmed?
  • Worried about tackling items with an emotional charge?
  • Want to feel liberated, lighter, and more energised?


The Toolkit is a PDF document (or audio files) packed with tried and tested tips and processes. All based on my experiences with clients since 2007. For the duration of the 28 days you have my full support in a small and friendly Private Facebook group. Maximum number of participants is eight, so everyone gets individual responses. You simply choose which of the 'tools' in the Toolkit suit your situation and off you go!

The next Toolkit starts on Saturday 30th January and runs until Friday 26th February!


Imagine you have a DIY project to tackle at home. You might well need your Toolkit. However, depending on the job, you would select only the necessary tools. If you want to knock in a nail, you won't be needing a saw. Hence, you cherry pick the actions from the Declutter Toolkit that best suit you. There is no need to complete them all by any means!


Participants receive the Declutter Toolkit IN FULL at the start of the 28 Days. The idea is that you have a read through and decide which actions are most pertinent to your situation. You begin on Day 1 with your preferred action and take it from there. If you are not sure what to tackle first, of course you can ask me for guidance.


Summary of what's on offer:

  • 28 days with a focus on your decluttering
  • Personalised support for your challenges in a Private Facebook group
  • Camaraderie with group members
  • Learn decluttering techniques and tools you can continue to use in the future
  • Toolkit document to use and keep


Please get in touch if you think you might be interested. I'm also happy to have a chat and answer any questions you may have, you can call me on 07850 580802.

I created the 28 Day Declutter Toolkit in 2017 and continue to run it on a regular basis because I get such great feedback from participants!



Testimonials for the Toolkit


"I want to add my thanks to Judith and you all for the encouragement and the sharing of ups and downs. Also for the practical tips. Especially for helping me change the way I look at things. Now I feel equipped to carry on. I feel optimistic that I have the tools i need, rather than pessimistic and weighed down by the challenge."


Tina Van Ewyk - participant.

"I am surprising myself to type this but I have enjoyed this 28 days. I still have a way to go but feel equipped to continue, using what I have achieved so far as my inspiration. Thank you Judith for keeping me going and your snippets of wisdom along the way."

Kim Knowles - participant. 

"I’m feeling today, like a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis. I’m starting to recognise some unpleasant patterns in my life that I need to change into prettier patterns - thinking about where things really belong rather than just dumping them anywhere!" 

Frances Gardiner - participant.

Cost is £87.00



If you are not UK based, don't be put off. To date I've had one participant in Denmark and another in Australia!


Not sure if the Toolkit is for you? Send me a message, or give me a call on 07850 580802. 


If you would like more information, or to book a place, please send me an e-mail.

Money Back Guarantee


All my services carry a money back guarantee. If you do the Toolkit with me and at the end of the 28 days you don't feel any better, then I will refund your money in full. This is provided you have remained engaged for the full 28 days.


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