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The Benefits of Climbing a Very Steep Hill - 12th February 2018


Back in October of last year we had a week's holiday in Cornwall. Graham and I enjoyed several walks along the coastpath whose direction seemed to always be relentlessly and steeply uphill. The real challenge for me, though, was the walk up through Polperro on a road that felt practically vertical. I've not been particularly fit for a couple of years now, and this was hugely challenging. 


But I enjoyed it! So what's that all about? 



I've had some months to ponder this, and I think it boils down to the fact that I realised I was fitter than I thought and that 'pushing myself' in this instance was not draining, as I might have been expecting. It turned out to be exhilarating, actually.


I think there's a bit of a life lesson here, for me and for others.


If there's a metaphor to be had, then maybe that vertical climb is a bit like many things in life? Challenging, but ultimately rewarding.


It's also a much needed reminder that sometimes you don't know what you're capable of until you try. Also, that it's easy to adopt a fearful attitude, which is based on what the mind is telling you. My mind could easily have told me that the walk was too challenging, that I've had adrenal exhaustion for 2 years, that I could never expect to have sufficient stamina to complete the walk. Basically, that I was mad to even try it.


The other interesting point is that as I began to realise that my body could cope with the climb, provided I took it slowly, I understood that my body has its own innate intelligence. This wisdom is not connected to the thoughts produced by my mind. Otherwise, I would have been mad to undertake that walk. Although the mind is a powerful tool, it can also turn against us by presenting thoughts that harp on about the past, how things used to be, and forcing us to dwell on our limitations.

I always encourage my holistic decluttering clients to work from their intuition, rather than what their mind is telling them. Minds are for problem solving, not for running your life!


So if your mind has been busy telling you that you're a 'hoarder', or that you'll never tackle your clutter, or that you're this way because your mum was the same, or whatever - just realise this is a story concocted for you, purely by your mind! It's not the 'truth' and the only way to prove that to yourself is to take a risk, a leap of faith if you will . . . . . .


Don't worry, I'm right here with the safety net when you're ready for some decluttering.


Contact me now, if you'd like to know more about how I can help you achieve some 'feel good' decluttering.










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