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Sale mad? Or Sale Resistant? - 26th December 2017


As of Boxing Day (if not before in some cases) those end of year sales will be upon us. 


Lots of hype, implying the need for urgency - be there on Boxing Day to get the best bargains!


How do you feel about this time of year?

























I can remember a time not so long ago when the end of year sales were the 'January Sales'. 


Now it seems retailers just can't wait to get us back into the shops after Christmas. They lure us back with offers of knock down prices and never to be repeated offers. They intoduce a feeling of scarcety. That dreadful phrase, 'when it's gone - it's gone!'You might find yourself thinking you had better check out these sales pronto, because you'd hate to miss out.


Christmas seems to have become a time of excess in all things. Now there is no respite from the retail machine. One day off and they want us out there again spending even more money.


So, will you be going to the sales?

As an advocate of decluttering and also of resisting the accumulation of clutter, my advice would be to always go shopping with a list. Especially at sales time. Otherwise, the chances are you will return home with purchases you didn't need and that were made based solely on the reduction in price.  Remember, there is no saving unless you were considering buying these things at full price!


If you do get bored over the Christmas break, your time would be far better spent having a decluttering session at home. It can be fun, honestly! Either that, or ponder the values of a society that promotes spending over family togetherness and get out the Monopoly and those left over mince pies.

If Christmas has left you feeling cluttered and overwhelmed, do get in touch. The chances are that taking part in the January 2018 28 Day Declutter Toolkit could be just what you need to get you back in balance. The Toolkit starts 1st January, so you can make your decluttering New Year's Resolution and then get the support you need. Contact me for more information.



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