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Do you need special lenses to view your clutter? - 17th September 2018


I was recently at the optician for a check-up and it reminded me of my very first eye test when I was aged about eleven. I had told my mum I couldn't see clearly at school, and I was found to be short-sighted.

I must admit I was a bit anxious about how it would feel to have a pair of glasses permanently perched on my nose. However, nothing prepared me for the day of collection. The optician fitted the spectacles and I still remember it clearly; especially leaving the shop with my mum.




I was amazed! It was as though my world had been grey and faded out prior to getting the new glasses. Suddenly I could see things in a way I'd probably never experienced. Everything was so much brighter, bolder and more colourful. I could see detail in things that I had never seen before. I remember noticing blades of grass growing between paving slabs on the pavement and being thrilled by it!

I'm sure if anyone had seen me that day walking back to the car with my mum they would have thought me a very odd child. I was more than likely grinning from ear to ear. Either that, or maybe I just had a look of absolute wonderment on my face.


Could you look at your home in  a different way?


Imagine you have some special glasses you can put on. Maybe they would enable you to see all the detail of your stuff rather than just an ovewhelming collection of clutter?

Often people get put off decluttering because they can't see the wood for the trees, for want of a better phrase. If this sounds familiar maybe you need to have an imaginary pair of 'zoning in' glasses?

Alternatively, you might benefit from a pair of 'bigger picture' or 'wide-angle' glasses. This will help you appreciate the scale of your situation and hopefully get you to the point of taking some action.


Ultimately the best imaginary specs that I would recommend are those that enable you to see your home the way it could be - without all the clutter. Like eleven year old me, all your prized possessions would come into sharp focus so you could really appreciate what you have. Your view would not be in the least bit blurred by having your home swamped with clutter.


I'm not an optician, but I can help you perfect the vision you have for your clutter-free home AND help you make it a reality.

Contact me to find out how I can help.




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