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Decluttering - mind, body and soul - 25th July 2019


Have you ever tried to declutter and not had much success? 


My belief is that in order to be successful you have to be on board with the idea, mind, body, and soul. The chances are you began your decluttering efforts because you thought you "should." There would have been some sense of obligation involved. Obligation is never a very motivating state, is it?



I encourage my clients to declutter holistically. Often that means they need to declutter habits, beliefs and thought patterns before they can make a start with decluttering their possessions. This process is also likely to include releasing emotions that have been long repressed.

How many times have you heard people say that they "can't" declutter because they are emotionally attached to all their things? It is a common situation. Whilst I happily keep some sentimental items myself, I also know the difference between being emotionally stuck in regard to clutter and having a genuine fondness for certain items.

The former is about your emotional history and how you may feel obligated in regard to keeping certain items. The latter is about feeling pleasure when you set eyes on something because of its emotional connections. The former feels painful and uncomfortable. The latter is definitely more about a warm feeling of love.

Unfortunately it is possible for these two situations to appear the same. On the surface they are similar. There is reluctance to let go and a feeling of connection, even. You will only be able to navigate your way through this emotional maze when you understand what is motivating you and what you have shut down over the years. Hence, this is why I encourage clients to come to their decluttering from the perspective of understanding their emotional landscape. Feelings begin to make more sense. Resistance begins to make more sense. When you have this understanding it is possible to be compassionate with a younger version of yourself. It is possible to let go.


One of my Clutter Clinic specialisms is "Emotional Decluttering".  This 40 minute session is limited to 3 participants and takes place on Zoom (similar to Skype). The content is aimed at giving you insight around emotions in relation to clutter. There is also time for your questions. If you would like to book onto a session please get in touch.


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