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When you run out of storage space - 21st August 2019


Life tends to give us subtle messages regarding changes we need to make. When your clothes feel tight you know it's time to go on some kind of diet, for instance. The same holds true for decluttering. Life will give you a nudge when you have too much stuff.


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Are you someone who has very cleverly made use of every nook and cranny in your home to maximise storage space? 

If so, how do you feel now? Do you have any sense that your home is more about storage than it is about you being happy and comfortable? Living space is not the same as storage space. Of course we all need to store stuff at home. The question is when do you draw a line under the quest for creating storage space and realise you have too much stuff?

No matter how tidy and well organised your storage, you can still feel as though it is running your life. Rooms begin to feel smaller. Every shelf and box you have bought is stuffed to bursing point. Wardrobes are full to capacity. You have no more space!  Of course lots of people get to this point and still can't get away from their storage obsession. They sign up for a self-storage unit and pay someone for the privilege of storing the stuff they can't accommodate at home. 

When you do this you are ignoring THE message!


Think back to the dieting analogy I used earlier. When your clothes are too tight you know you've put on weight. If you don't change your behaviour you will continue to put on weight. Everyone knows this. You have two choices. Carry on in the same way and continue to put on weight, or change things and lose weight. You can't send your excess weight to a storage facility!

The message you are being sent is "you have too much stuff!"


There may be other messages such as "you can't go on like this it's making you ill," or "you've lost your freedom!"

Your message will be personal to you, but it will be there none the less. In fact, when you really are in a place to receive your message you might feel quite emotional because it will touch you at a very deep level. You will feel the truth of it and you will determine to take action.

Are you feigning deafness?
Perhaps you have no idea what to do about the problem?

If you are in denial, at least ask yourself what that is about. Allow yourself to imagine alternatives to your current situation. It's not impossible to make the necessary changes for you to feel better. 

I'm here to support you. Contact me for a chat to find out more.


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