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Why your clutter is a killjoy - 16th March 2020


It's normal to want to enjoy life.
But what if your clutter is stopping you from doing that?




Right now you might consider that your clutter is an inconvenience, a nuisance even.


Had you ever thought that your clutter might be a killjoy? Think about it. Is it squeezing the pleasure out of your life? In this sense, you can almost imagine that clutter has a personality. It is not only domineering, to a degree it is ruling you. Would you accept that from another person? I hope not.


The more self-awareness you can gain in regard to this concept the easier it will be for you to take some ACTION

If you regularly read my blogs you will be aware that there are two kinds of clutter. The clutter of things, and head clutter. Below I have made a list of the impact of both types of clutter. Notice how they begin to overlap so that the clutter of things pretty much guarantees that you will also end up with head clutter. One feeds the other.

Clutter of things Head clutter
Embarrrassment Low self esteem
Time wasted Anxiety
Sorting/storing Low mood
Hunting No energy
Damage? Minor illnesses
Missed opportunities Social isolation
No space to just "be" Burdened
On your mind always Distress



The clutter of things ends up feeling like a ball and chain, responsibility even, with no time for any fun. 


What will you do to get some joy into your life?  Lack of joy and clutter ARE connected

With letting go comes a real sense of freedom and liberation. Not to mention possibilities. Clients often say to me that they feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders after we have tackled their clutter. They also say they feel lighter and if I'm with them I even notice a change in how they look. They look much happier!

My suggestion for first steps are to break the connection between shopping and pleasure if this is one of your things. Instead of things, opt for experiences which are generally far more rewarding.

If this inspires you to tackle the clutter in your home but you would like some support, please do get in touch. There are a variety of ways I can work with you to help you feel better. 


Keywords: holistic, self-awareness, overwhelm


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