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Declutter kitchen cupboards the easy way - 26th November 2019


If the thought of decluttering your kitchen cupboards brings you out in a cold sweat, fear not! You really don't have to tackle it all in one go and end up overwhelmed. Let me explain.




Quite often the barrier to decluttering can be that there is just too much to face. Maybe you don't know where to start, or you fear that you will end up in even more chaos?  This is understandable, but there is an alternative, more gradual approach, which you can use anywhere in the house. It works especially well in your kitchen.



Do you prepare food on auto-pilot?

I think most people do this to a degree. You know where to find your ingredients for favourite meals, you are in a rush, so you just prepare your food and eat it! This means that when you were moving around the kitchen looking for the things you needed, that's all you were aware of. Where are the bay leaves? Here! Where is the olive oil? Here! 

Even if you are someone who loves to prepare food and almost treats it as a hobby, your focus will be specifically on following a recipe or producing your favourite meal.

Why does this matter?

If you only notice what you need, then you are missing decluttering opportunities! That bag of plain flour you used - next to it is a packet bread mix you didn't get round to making, and now it's past its best before date by quite a few months! Those bay leaves, they were on your spice rack and 3 other jars on the rack are years out of date!  Even when you bent down to get out your favourite casserole dish you failed to notice the jelly mould you no longer use, and the smoothie maker at the back of the cupboard that is surplus to requirements. 


Declutter as you go!


I hope you can see that by becoming slightly less focused (ironically) and having a wider awareness you can scoop up clutter as you go through your kitchen routines. Even whilst you wait for something to come to the boil you could be scanning a shelf or checking out your spice rack. Even just a few spare minutes here and there will bring clutter to the fore. 

I hope this gives you a slightly different perspective on your decluttering - let me know how you get on!

If you feel that you still need a bit more support then consider my email support package, The Declutter Nudge. Contact me for details or more information on how I work.




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