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Time to plot a different course? - 27th May 2020



Earlier this month I celebrated my 58th birthday in the most unusual circumstances. Despite my hopes, this Covid-19 situation meant that activity outside the home was still strictly limited. We made the best of it and I had a lovely day, but of course none of us quite knows when normality will return.


Birthdays are often a cause for reflection. Recently I've been thinking about the fact that every so often in life I've had some kind of clarion call to adjust my way of being. That's the best way I can describe it. I believe we are designed to change and evolve and that opportunities will present themselves if we are open to them. The way you lived ten years ago is unlikely to serve you now. Maybe the way you lived last year no longer serves you? How about last week? Only you will know.


Whilst the virus has caused us all a lot of worry, this time has also been yet another call to action for me. After I got adrenal exhaustion I knew I had to do more in the way of self-care, so that was a big shift for me in 2016. Right now though, I'm getting the sense that what I did was fine for that time, but that I need to step it up for where I am right now. I need to acknowledge all the resistance I've had to self-care and do whatever it takes to embrace those activities and practices that will nourish my wellbeing. This has included the realisation that there are many things that top me up, I just hadn't really realised or acknowledged them properly.


Are you able to acknowledge when you are in a place of growth, as opposed to a place of stagnation?

Are you able to hear that call for change and act on it?

Now I am consciously shifting it's as though I have heightened awareness. I can quickly discern what is beneficial and what is the exact opposite. Hence, I am once more changing the balance of where I place my attention.

I hope you can see the connection between this opportunity for change and the concept of holistic decluttering?

Welcoming in new ways of thinking and acting, decluttering those behaviours that were not serving you, this is all valuable "work" you can do on yourself. If you have clutter at home then changing your "way of being" can hardly fail to have an impact.

So for the time being I'm in a phase of putting myself first as often as I can. I'm still learning, and sometimes noticing when I miss an opportunity to do this. Does that sound selfish? Not so long ago I would have thought so. Now I understand that putting myself first is the only way I can be the best version of me for family, friends and clients. Why would I settle for anything less?


The more I discover about my own journey through anxiety, overwhelm and stress, the more I have to offer clients on a similar path. My experience, my life's journey is of course unique, as is yours, but there may be common threads. That is where I hope to help others to feel so much better than they do right now.

I can support you as you decide to change your way of being.

Please get in touch to find out more about how you can work with me.


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