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Motivation or Inertia? Informed Decluttering - 17th June 2015


I'd like you to join me as I take a look at what gets us motivated for change and what keeps us stuck in the same old habits. Yes, that’s a big topic for one blog post, but consider it an introduction.


I’m sure like me you’re aware of some long established habits you may have. Some could be deemed as being ‘healthy’, others, the exact opposite.
Examples could be that you take your dog for a long walk every evening, or, that every evening you sit down in front of the TV with a bag of chips, for instance!



It is certainly possible to look at excessive clutter from the perspective of unwelcome habits that have become established over time. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the dictionary definition of ‘habit’.




1. Tendency or disposition to act in a particular way


2. A learned behavioural response to a particular situation


3. The state of being dependent on something



When I think of my own habits, these definitions certainly strike a chord. For instance, I am quite inclined to eat a lot of chocolate. Luckily I’m not dependent on it, but I do recognise that if I’ve had a bad day or am feeling out of sorts then my ‘learned response’ is to crave some chocolate! Knowing this about myself is a great help in managing the amount of chocolate I actually consume.


help my clients consider what has brought them to the point of hiring me, rather than just tackling the physical manifestation of the problem. I believe this is equally important, if not more so.

Decluttering in an uninformed way is possibly better than doing nothing. I would, however, suggest that if you do this, you’ll be back to ‘square one’ before too long. Not only is that a waste of time and effort, but it’s rather missing the point. Something about the way you are and the way you feel has led to this moment. The moment when you decide you want to change.



Do you recognise yourself here?


  • Shopping when unhappy - shopaholic?
  • Keeping everything - just in case?
  • Keeping excessive quantities of ‘sentimental’ items?
  • Believing that it’s ‘wrong’ to part with certain things?
  • A collection that’s got out of hand?



If you do, then take heart. You ‘learned’ this behaviour over a period of time - that does not mean you can’t change! I recently read that change is perceived by the brain as a threat! No wonder it feels so alien! The other thing you need to be aware of is that if you want to change that will involve effort!


So you can see why motivation is the key driver for change. Otherwise, it would simply be too much effort, wouldn’t it? I recently came across the term ‘neuro-plasticity’. Basically it means you are not destined to remain the same. You have the ability to think differently and change your behaviour. You simply have to make that choice and focus your attention on it.



Find your motivation!


This is what will fuel your change. If you don’t know why you want to declutter, or you just think you should - that’s not enough.




What do you want?


More space, entertain friends, feel calmer,  
less arguments at home, house to feel homely, create your own sanctuary, feel less burdened,
save time looking for things, waste less money, or something else?


Maybe you’re not even sure what you want?
Don’t worry - I can help you get to the bottom of it . . . .


CALL ME TODAY on 01327 705294, for a no obligation chat. Don’t put it off - this is the opportunity for you to draw a line in the sand. Tell your subconscious that from now on, things will be different. They can be. Remember, you’re in charge!





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