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Do you have product addiction? - 31st January 2021


Are your cupboards and drawers are bursting at the seams? One possible reason for this is product addiction! Read on to find out if this is you and what to do about it.





It's one thing to realise you have too much clutter - it's quite another to understand how you ended up in this situation! For most people it's a combination of not being able to let go of the past and steadily acquiring more than they need or can accommodate.


This blog focuses on the things you buy and are likely to buy regularly.


Whether it's cleaning products, toiletries, make-up or food you should never find yourself in a situation where you have so many of these products that you have no cupboard space and all your surfaces have disappeared. These items get used up, they run out and then you replace them. That's it - simple really!



What goes wrong?

My parents' generation were less subjected to marketing. They had the belief that it was best to keep things simple. Hence two or three cleaning products were enough. One bottle of bubble bath was enough. They didn't buy food they weren't likely to eat.

Let's now consider the modern day set of cleaning products. There is a separate product for each task. One cleaner of your bathroom? No! You need three at least. Bubble bath? It's nice to have a choice, five or six bottles is fine. Food, all kind of ingredients can be bought on a whim and end up at the back of your cupboard where they go off.

Special discounts for bulk purchases don't help matters. You convince yourself that the saving is so fantastic that you buy six jars of skin cream only to find out you are allergic to the ingredients. You stock up on cleaning products not realising you have bought ten years supply.


Sometimes toiletries arrive unexpectedly as gifts. They look lovely and they sit on a shelf because they are not your choice. Guilt stops you getting rid of them or giving them away. They gather dust.




A simpler life?


Decluttering is all about going back to a simpler less stressed way of living. It's good to have space in your home - it feels so much calmer and more expansive rather than claustrophobic and overwhelming. Think about how you can pare down the products you use at home.


Cleaning products are often a toxic mix of chemicals and I've found that white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda can do a good job in many areas. Find the toiletries that suit you and stick with them. Do you really need face cream AND serum? Do you need to wear so much make-up? These companies are constantly dreaming up new products, creating problems that don't really exist just to part you from your money!


It's more than money that is at stake here though. It's living and breathing space, and ultimately your sanity!








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