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Walk away from chronic anxiety - 21st June 2021


Many of my clients experience chronic anxiety. Being constantly in that state is overwhelming. I know, because I've been there.




If you're reading this then I can only assume that you struggle with anxiety on a regular basis. I hope that reading this article gives you hope for the future and some first steps to take for a less anxious existence.

Firstly you need to realise that whilst it might seem normal for you to be anxious - it's not your natural state. Anxiety is likely something you learned. Maybe one of your parents was often anxious and as a small child you learned this behaviour? That was the case for me. My mother was someone who regularly became extremely distressed, based purely on the catastrophising that she did in her head. She had no idea that this was what she was doing of course. To her, it all seemed real. This happened frequently when I was growing up. No surprise then that I developed a similar outlook on life. Alternatively, you may have experienced a traumatic life event when you were young that provoked anxiety and it kind of stuck with you?

It's taken a long while for me to get a handle on my own anxiety but I will be sharing a few key points below that have been valuable for me and my own evolution. This means you can make some changes now and begin to reap the benefits of a calmer life. I should also add that this is not about ignoring your challenges or pretending they don't exist. Adopt a new stance in regard to anxiety and find yourself coping more calmly with whatever life throws at you. Your mind will be sharper and more able to resolve day to day issues. Hence your anxiety will no longer be chronic.



What I wish I'd known when I was younger

I am NOT anxiety

You need at some level to detach from the anxiety. To understand that is not you. Anxiety is a state that arrives in your head, that's all. So next time you feel anxiety in your mind or body try telling yourself, "this is NOT me!" or "untrue!"



I am in control!

The mind is always looking for diversion. All it needs is a whiff of anxiety and it's off down the road of worst case scenarios. Unless you are able to put the brakes on this then it will get to a point where you anticipate disaster and your body is responding with all the stress hormones it can muster. This is not good for you on a regular basis. This is how I came to a point of adrenal exhaustion.


Awareness is power


What you need to do is train your conscious mind to NOT focus on the anxiety. Anxiety only has power over you when you give it your attention. Hence, it is REALLY important to have awareness of where you place your attention. Meditation is a very useful tool for relaxation generally but also for training the mind to not go off down those anxiety laden avenues that it finds so irresistable.

Think of your mind as a new puppy. Forever tugging on the leash and wanting to go off in all directions. You have hold of the leash, hence you rein in the puppy and gradually train it to walk with you and not go off where it fancies. You can become the witness to your own thoughts. This is a bit like being a bouncer at a night club! Any rogue thoughts get politely told "no entry!"

Now, this is going to seem quite difficult at first but like anything else that is new, you need to practice and keep it up. Before too long you will be able to spot anxiety heading your way and before it gets too close you will be taking action to ensure it doesn't drag you down.

Would you like some support with this?


I offer one to one coaching via Zoom that will help you understand what is going on in your head! Often we need someone else to be vigilant on our account to show us what is happening. This is how I built up my own awareness, by working with others who are more experienced and learning from them. I continue to do this. Contact me by calling 07850 580802 or sending me an email to book a complimentary 30 minute chat to find out if coaching could work for you.

I also offer a meditation course via audio recordings. Meditation has made a big diffference to my own anxiety levels.


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