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Be inspired by the energy of spring - 28th March 2022



In a state of overwhelm you feel stuck with the status quo, albeit that it's far from pleasant. Change is inconceivable. It's not even on your radar.


When you ARE overwhelmed, it IS overwhelming. What I mean is that circumstances and your reaction to those circumstances will have brought about your overwhelm. However, that very state is almost bound to perpetuate itself. It's a vicious circle - and one I am familiar with in so many ways.


In order to break this limiting cycle you need to take some action. It doesn't have to be massive.

But HOW on earth can you get to a place of taking action?

HOW do you get from overhwhelmed to energised and enthused?


Your overwhelm needs to be gradually broken down.

The way you do this is by monitoring your own thoughts and reactions in the first instance. Notice how many gloomy negative messages you give yourself during an average day. No wonder you feel overwhelmed!

In the Northern hemisphere right now we are experiencing spring. Think about winter and how during those long months everything out in the garden or in nature appears to have died. The birds go quiet, there's an absence of leaves, foliage and flowers. When spring arrives, everything out there bursts back into life. Consider this for a moment because it's something we normally take for granted. Is it not miraculous that spring exists after winter? Notice the energy in bird song, the energy in emerging shoots.

You might feel like you've been trapped in winter for a very long time. I want you to be inspired by nature and spring. Really allow your heart to connect with this growth and re-birth. You can be a part of this if you choose it. Trees never doubt their ability to make new leaves in the spring. Caterpillars never doubt they will become butterflies.

Humans are different. We have lost trust in our own innate wisdom and have detached ourselves from nature.

Our early conditioning inhibits our experience of joy. The good news though is that it can be rekindled!


My suggestions to lift yourself out of overwhelm include spending as much time with nature as is possible. Take your time, observe it and appreciate the miracle of it. Go to the park, buy some pot plants. It all counts. Notice the tiny details. Notice the beauty. Allow yourself to FEEL the beauty.

Next you need to give your subconscious lots of positive messages. Make a list of all the negative things you tell yourself and then make a list that is the exact opposite. Throw away the first list and regularly affirm the items on the second one. Read them aloud as though you 100% believe them! Do this at least twice a day. Before bed is a good time to imprint your subconscious mind.

If you want to declutter then include positive messages about how easy it is for you to part with things that no longer serve you. You might also want to say something like, "I declutter with ease". If you have been one for prevaricating then, "I am decisive and confident in my own choices" could be helpful. Use your own words to give yourself the message you need to hear.

This is not an instant fix, but if you are consistent and attentive to your own thoughts you will begin to notice a change! Let me know how you get on. If you want to get more personalised guidance please contact me for information about Zoom coaching sessions or decluttering tools.




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