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Why my unfinished cross-stitch had to go - 25th April 2022




Many years ago I bought myself a cross-stitch kit and made an enthusiastic start on it.


For reasons I can't remember I stalled with it and it ended up in a cupboard. As I recovered from adrenal exhaustion I began to feel like I wanted to be creative, so I retrieved the kit and did some more stitching. I spent quite a few hours working on it and I remember at one point thinking that despite the effort I'd put in, there was still a lot more work needed to finish it.


The cross-stitch went back in the cupboard. As I got my energy back there were other things to occupy my time and I also became more physically active. The cross-stitch was forgotten.

Recently I was having a bit of a clear out in that very cupboard. I took out the cross-stitch and studied it. The stitching was less than one third complete despite that it had been many years since I started the project. I noticed how a voice in my head wanted to tell me that I SHOULD finish it. Also the voice reminded me that I'd paid good money for the kit and that if I decluttered it, then that money would be wasted.

However, another more insistent voice wanted me to know that these days knitting is my thing!


Also, that actually I never really enjoyed cross-stitch that much

That I'm not really a needle-and-thread-sewing kind of a person

That now I've rediscovered my creative streak cross-stitch just doesn't float my boat any more

It's too dull - every stitch the same!

It's too fiddly - trying to follow a chart!

Cross-stitch just doesn't inspire me at all - and that's OK


In just a few weeks I will celebrate my 60th birthday. Why is this relevant? Because now I know what I love doing I also have a sense that time is running out. I'm nearly 60 and I am not prepared to do things because my conditioning thinks I SHOULD do them. Instead I follow my pleasure whenever I can. It's so easy to get bogged down by a sense of obligation which exists only in your head.

The unfinished cross-stitch was swiftly decluttered and now I have more space in the cupboard.

I have had not a single pang of regret.

I encourage you to investigate your cupboard and drawers for unfinished projects and for things your conditioning insists you must keep. Ultimately life is too short to make yourself harbour things that you no longer love and appreciate.

If you would like some help to make sense of what is going on in your head in regard to your decluttering then just drop me an email or call me on 07850 580802.


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