Organised Chaos - home and office tidying and reorganisation
Judith Morris - Organised Chaos

Imagine a home that's clutter-free, tidy, well organised . . . .


How does that feel?


Your living room/dining room - shared with friends and family


Your bedroom – tidy and tranquil


Your kitchen - clear worktops, utensils neatly stored


Your children's rooms – toys packed away at bedtime


You've imagined it.  Now let me help you achieve it.  Call me on 07850 580802 for an informal chat, there's no obligation.


What to expect from your session

There's no need to feel embarrassed.  Your clutter certainly won't be the worst I've seen!  Of course, the service is entirely confidential.


Naturally, you'll be keen to make a start.  First of all though, it's important to find out how you feel about your clutter.

Maybe you feel frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed?

I help you decide how you want your home to look and feel. You now have a goal in mind and are ready to make the necessary changes with enthusiasm. 


Every client is an individual with unique challenges.


Call me now on 07850 580802 to discuss your specific needs, and find out how I can help you. 



Being actively involved in the tidying of your home means you gain maximum benefit.

It's vital that you buy into the concept of a clutter-free life.  Otherwise, you'll slip back into your old ways.


I want you to feel excited by the prospect of reclaiming your home.   

As we go through your belongings together, everything is categorised.  I supply refuse sacks and bags to sort into, so you can focus 100% on the decluttering.

Organised Chaos provides encouragement and sensitive support throughout the whole process. 

Discover more energy and enthusiasm as you develop a passion for decluttering.

You'll even get a kick out of taking unwanted items to your local charity shop!

At the end of your session it's clear what's going where. Wherever possible the aim is to recycle, rather than simply consigning things to the bin.

Incidentally, you've also learned new organisational skills, guaranteed to be life changing!

Find out how this can work for you - call me now on 07850 580802.

Take a look at clients' testimonials, to see what others say. 


Clutter Clearer's Handbook

I leave you with a copy of 'The Clutter Clearer's Handbook'.  This is something you can keep for reference. 

  • Creative ways to sell, donate, or recycle your unwanted items
  • Where to source the best storage products
  • Tips to help you prevent accumulation of clutter
  • Lots of encouragement to keep you going!


Storage solutions – find what you want, when you NEED it!

Whatever your storage dilemma, there's a practical solution.   

I recommend 'Really Useful Boxes' made in the UK, as the best available plastic storage boxes.  I hold some stock and can help you with your selection at the end of your session.


Ongoing support

At the end of your session we schedule in your FREE follow-up telephone appointment.  This is the ideal opportunity for you to discuss any ongoing problems with your newly decluttered home.

Of course, it's possible to book another session, whenever you're ready.  Another option is to book a Skype Conversation to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

My e-mail newsletter 'Chaotic Times' is another tool to help keep you focussed. 



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