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Judith Morris - Organised Chaos

Would your business benefit from increased efficiency?


Imagine a clear desk, your papers neatly organised, in folders and filing cabinets.  You start and end the day feeling calm and in control. 


Meetings are less stressful – you're able to prepare properly and have access to all the relevant documents.


Clients and suppliers appreciate your efficient management of their transactions.  Your business relationships are enhanced.


You benefit from improved cash flow and time efficiencies.


Call me now on 07850 580802, to find out how I can help you work smarter.  There's no obligation.


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What to expect during your session

There's no need to feel embarrassed. Your office is not the only one bursting at the seams with piles of disorganised paper!


To begin with, I need you to tell me a bit about your office. I'll ask you a few questions about your existing systems – what works, and what doesn't.


So, you think your office is too small?

Lots of clients tell me they're disorganised, because they don't have enough space!


When did you last clear out your obsolete paperwork?

Your business has evolved over time.  Just consider the scope for decluttering what you no longer need or refer to in your office.

Your business records need to be carefully archived, and stored away from your main office area.  This frees up more valuable space for current documentation. Of course, this means it's also easier to access.

To help with this process I provide 'sorting' bags and refuse sacks to contain all that waste paper during the process.

However, you'll need to arrange for items of a confidential nature to be shredded.  Disposal of all rubbish is your responsibility.

This exercise can be tiring.  Organised Chaos provides plenty of encouragement and support throughout the process.  This means you remain focussed and achieve your aim.

Of course, the service is entirely confidential.


Storage solutions – find what you want, when you NEED it!

The Organised Chaos solution to your untidy office is designed around your needs and your working practices.  Systems are compatible with your logic.  This means any routine maintenance is instinctive, and requires minimum effort from you. 

I carry a range of 'Really Useful Boxes', which are excellent for long term archiving, and more general storage.  They're incredibly robust, appropriately sized, and have secure fitting lids. 


Follow-up appointments

As a dynamic business owner or manager, chances are you have concerns about maintaining your new systems.  You may not always have time to keep everything up to date.

Most business clients feel the same way. 

You won't want to slide back into old habits, simply due to a lack of time 

At the end of your session we schedule in your FREE follow-up telephone appointment.  This is the ideal opportunity for you to discuss any outstanding issues with your office organisation.

I am happy to arrange maintenance sessions for you on a regular or occasional basis. 




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