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Testimonials - Business Clients


Business clients who rated Judith's service level at 5 on a scale of 1-5 did so because:


  • Judith led me to the right decisions
  • The process was painless
  • Judith manages to be assertive in a nice way
  • Judith is a 'detail' person
  • Judith was easy to work with and I appreciated her professional approach
  • Judith brings clarity


Below is just a sample of testimonials received from business clients - some clients don't submit a testimonial – they're too busy decluttering!



Over time, the stress of mounting paperwork and mixed up documents and receipts was having a negative impact on our workspace and our mood. We were often hunting for papers, or panicking when it came to that call from the accountant for information. We felt helpless as to how to sort it out and establish any sort of system. That is until we met Judith!


Judith is the Queen of organisation. She came into my messy office, and sorted out all the paperwork that was stressing me out. She then showed us an easy system we could implement to manage paperwork, keep our stress levels to zero and our creative space looking spick and span! We are now WAY more productive thanks to Judith's expertise!

Lee Jackson, Lee Jackson Ltd


My approach feels random. When I'm very busy things get on top of me to the point where nothing gets put away. My attention is in all directions. I want to do more weddings and this needs me to become more slick and efficient. I want to spend my time getting in new work. It feels like the mess contributes to my muddled thinking. I want to grow my business.


My studio is far more functional and welcoming. Now I can find what I want and just get on and take the photos. I recently saved £200 by realising I didn't need to buy a shed to store my wedding and prom stuff. With a bit of thought and sorting it all fitted neatly into my studio. Your help has obviously kicked in somewhere!


Since creating a calmer environment I'm feeling calmer and more in control about the whole thing. I'm less of a hoarder and spending less time moving stuff from one room to the next, so giving me more time to be productive. Feeling less overwhelmed and that it's not taking over my life!

Helen Partridge, Live by the Lens


The office is not so bad that I've moved out of it – although this has happened in the past.  It's not a calm place to be.  Most of the mess is at least behind me, but my desk is definitely "organised chaos"!  Some things have been mislaid when I've had to tidy up in a rush.

The office now looks a lot better and is a nice place to work.  Things I need are now far more accessible.  I know that I feel better psychologically as I've decluttered quite a lot of stuff that had been kept "just in case".  I intend to not let that be a reason for keeping things in the future.

Judith Hanson, Judith Hanson Hypnotherapy


My first year-end was fast approaching.  I was motivated by panic and a lack of storage space when I contacted Judith.  Knowing that my paperwork was muddled and not up to date was a huge source of stress and hassle for me.

For me the Organised Chaos service is something of a cross between a security blanket and a safety net.  Now I'm able to think, 'It's OK, Judith will deal with that.'  Otherwise, I would have to book time in my diary to do these things myself and that would mean I have less time to grow my business and take on more clients.

Catherine Inglis, Dog & Bone Telemarketing

The office was in a mess with no organisation in place.  Nor were there any real methods in place.  I had lots of prospects, but they were in no order.  I also had the challenge of lots of stock to store.

Becoming more efficient has freed up time for other things.  I'm able to get more done and feel less stressed.  Now the business runs more efficiently I'm planning to take a proper holiday this year.  The first for a long time - but definitely not the last.  My intention is that by this time next year I will have grown the business to twice its current size.  I can now confidently plan for that expansion.  None of the new systems are complicated, they're easy to use and effective.  It means no more embarrassment with lost or incomplete records.

Roger Dore, Inspirational Labels

It feels like my life is in chaos.  My life/work balance is all wrong.  I want to work to live, not live to work.  I'm dreadful at managing and being in control.  I need more than just my paperwork tidying away, I need help with effective systems to make my life easier in the office.  I know if I streamline and get more organised then work will be easier to manage.  I used to be obsessive about organisation.  Now it feels like I've forgotten the benefit of that in all my "busyness".  Everything is in chaos and I can't see a way forward.


Business cashflow is better, in fact I'm managing everything better.  This final cull of obsolete things and having a place where everything else belongs will bring the desired solution.  The Organised Chaos service has really supported the work I've been doing with my business coach. I'm working less hours and achieving more, so I'm home earlier. For the first time since I set up my business I'm planning to take 2 weeks out of the office to be with my family over Christmas.  Longer term, opening the post and dealing with it promptly will mean I can keep on top of things.  No more piles of muddled paperwork.

Tim Brown, Media Identity

I hired Judith because I wanted to feel calmer and less overwhelmed, I also wanted to find things more easily.  I especially wanted to avoid missing critical deadlines as a result of having piles of paperwork on my desk. 

After the session I felt wonderful!  I am inspired to complete the process and amaze my accountant by providing him with my accounts early!  I'm pleased to have found several contracts for my business.  Now I can check the terms and terminate those, which are no longer of benefit.

I'm already thinking about how much storage space I'll need in my new place when I've moved.  Far less than I'd envisaged, that's for sure.  I'm also looking forward to going through my filing cabinet and having a purge of some more obsolete paperwork.

There will no longer be a large pile of paperwork on my desk.  Well, only things that are really current!  That means I'll be able to see what I need to action and things won't get buried and disappear.  I'll be much more efficient.

Janet Lambdon, Karabo Clothing



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