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Is your Office an Alien Environment? - 22nd July 2015


I love to work with business owners who have a passion for what they do and a vision for growing their business. They want to grow so they can serve even more people with their unique creative offering.


My passion is their passion, in fact!



What do these clients have in common?


In addition to the passion they have for their business they all have a strong aversion to the administration that is fundamental to their success. For them, the office space and the paperwork feels like it’s a million miles away from their passion.  It just gets in the way.
One client told me her office felt like it had no connection whatsoever with her business!
My clients are creative, passionate, practical, and bursting with ideas. Whether that's a designer, a photographer or someone who makes bespoke furniture, they’ve got pretty much the same challenge. How to manage their office function without compromising their creativity?


Embrace your admin!


If you feel a sense of disconnect between your product or service and the admin function of your business then you will never operate at 100% of your capabilities, in my view. Sooner or later something will let you down. Bills won’t get paid. Leads won’t be followed up. Customers will be disappointed or not invoiced.



How are you feeling?


Even if you ignore your office and paperwork your subconscious mind will suffer from overload. You will have a sense of feeling burdened and your passion will be damped down. Your enthusiasm will be diminished in some way. Even your free time with friends and family will suffer as you put in more and more time at work trying to cope with the chaos. Work related content will spill into your home impacting adversely on family members and your own relaxation time.



Throw away the rule book!


Guess what? There are no rules as to what furniture you should have in your office or what systems you should use to run your business. Maybe you have an image in your head of ‘the perfect office’. There’s always a filing cabinet (usually a grey one) and a desk with drawers, not to mention a set of stacking filing trays.



So much for ‘perfect’ what about your real world?


If you hate your filing cabinet and/or have no idea how to use it, well, frankly it’s just taking up valuable floor space. Does your desk work in the space you’ve got? Do you lose things in your desk drawers? Are your filing trays permanently full of junk? It doesn’t have to be like this.


Help to find your best solution


I work with clients to help them discover the best way for them to manage their admin. No two ways are the same because my lovely clients are of course all unique. My service is as bespoke as yours.


Would you like your administration to feel intuitive, rather than a constant battle?


I can help you. Contact me for your complimentary consultation.  

Call today on 01327 705294!

Why feel like an alien in your own office?


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