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Below are my monthly jottings about various aspects of decluttering. You can also click on a keyword to view all relevant 'jottings'.


•  Tips for less festive overwhelm AND less Christmas clutter!

It's been a few years now since my husband and I stripped back our experience of Christmas which was never really very full-on anyway. Every year I heave a sigh of relief that I am not caught up in the festive mania that consumes so many women at this time of year. 


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•  Decluttering inspiration - what's yours?

When I think of all the clients I've worked for over the years, those who had a particular reason to declutter definitely made the best progress! One woman wanted to have her grandchildren to stay overnight. A young man wanted to cook his girlfriend a special meal and serve it in his dining room. They were inspired to take action!


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•  Tips to keep Christmas clutter at bay

I'm assuming that if you are a regular reader of this blog, then you are on a mission to declutter. Had it ever ocurred to you that Christmas is in some senses, the 'worst' time of year for adding to your clutter pile?


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