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Below are my monthly jottings about various aspects of decluttering. You can also click on a keyword to view all relevant 'jottings'.


•  Busting a decluttering myth

If you are a Facebook user you are no doubt familiar with the various decluttering memes that go the rounds on there. Some are intended to be amusing, others appear to offer sage advice. At best they are clichés, but recently I’ve realised that one in particular deserves the title of Decluttering Myth!



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•  The missing piece of the decluttering jigsaw

These days it's easy to find a decluttering expert online, or buy multiple books on the subject. You can even watch it happening on TV.  Have you ever felt though that the more you read, watch or listen to on this topic - the harder it gets to actually DO any decluttering?



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•  Decluttering, an uphill struggle?


In theory it's easy enough. Decide what you don't want. Remove it from your home. Job done. Not a complex process, so why is it that so many people just get stuck?



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•  Indecision - cause of the no-go zone in your home?

It starts small. You can't decide if you need something or not. You put it to one side. You do that again with a few more things. Before too long you have filled a small room.

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•  What to do with that box of old family photos?

Everyone has an old box of photos tucked away somewhere. Quite often they are black and white prints that represent the additions to family and the passing of the years. 21st birthday celebrations, wedding photos, christening photos, babies' first steps. Quite possibly your first steps! Back in our past, photography was more of an occasion, less disposable.

Maybe you have inherited or collected such a box? Now you are decluttering though and are torn as to what to do with the photos?


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•  Decluttering - mind, body and soul

Have you ever tried to declutter and not had much success? 


My belief is that in order to be successful you have to be on board with the idea, mind, body, and soul. The chances are you began your decluttering efforts because you thought you "should." There would have been some sense of obligation involved. Obligation is never a very motivating state, is it?


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•  Childhood souvenirs

Do you still have your old teddy tucked away somewhere? In this blog post I consider the difference between fond reminders of childhood, and clutter that you are better off without. It's not always obvious which is which.


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