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Below are my monthly jottings about various aspects of decluttering. You can also click on a keyword to view all relevant 'jottings'.


•  Organise your garden shed this spring!

Spring is here and if you have a garden you will at the very least now be engaged in a spot of garden maintenance. If like me you are a keen gardener you will be planning your summer planting and no doubt be very busy! 

Do you have a garden shed? If not, maybe you keep your gardening tools in your garage? No matter, when the gardening season kicks off I think it's important to have an organised space to store all your gardening bits and bobs. 




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•  When clutter co-exists with ORDER!

Most people's idea of a cluttered space is one where there is too much stuff and it is chaotic and muddled. That is not always the case though. In fact, for those of us who love order, it's important to recognise how order can actually contribute to clutter. Yikes, who would have thought it?




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•  What to do with that box of old family photos?

Everyone has an old box of photos tucked away somewhere. Quite often they are black and white prints that represent the additions to family and the passing of the years. 21st birthday celebrations, wedding photos, christening photos, babies' first steps. Quite possibly your first steps! Back in our past, photography was more of an occasion, less disposable.

Maybe you have inherited or collected such a box? Now you are decluttering though and are torn as to what to do with the photos?


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•  Declutter kitchen cupboards the easy way

If the thought of decluttering your kitchen cupboards brings you out in a cold sweat, fear not! You really don't have to tackle it all in one go and end up overwhelmed. Let me explain.


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•  Wise use of plastic storage boxes

Plastic storage boxes often get used to house clutter! In that sense they are not such a good idea. Storage boxes can never be a substitute for decluttering. However, if you buy the right kind of box and use it in the right way they can help you be more organised.

Find out how you can use plastic storage boxes wisely!


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•  Detail or big picture? Your viewpoint will impact decluttering

What's your natural viewpoint? Do you see the detail or the bigger picture? I'm naturally a detail person. I notice the small things. For years I hadn't really appreciated the two extremes. It was only when I started my business that I realised I lacked big picture skills.

Read on to find out how this impacts your decluttering.





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