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Below are my monthly jottings about various aspects of decluttering. You can also click on a keyword to view all relevant 'jottings'.


•  Declutter kitchen cupboards the easy way

If the thought of decluttering your kitchen cupboards brings you out in a cold sweat, fear not! You really don't have to tackle it all in one go and end up overwhelmed. Let me explain.


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•  Detail or big picture? Your viewpoint will impact decluttering

What's your natural viewpoint? Do you see the detail or the bigger picture? I'm naturally a detail person. I notice the small things. For years I hadn't really appreciated the two extremes. It was only when I started my business that I realised I lacked big picture skills.

Read on to find out how this impacts your decluttering.





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•  How completing a jigsaw can inform the decluttering process

Are you a fan of jigsaws? I remember the frustration of them on wet childhood holidays. Too much sky and not enough patience sometimes.

Would you believe me if I told you there's a connection between how you tackle a jigsaw and how you approach decluttering?





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•  Why I sometimes play Devil's Advocate

People often think that I "tell" clients what to declutter. That there are certain things that must go during a decluttering session. This is not the way I operate at all. However, I confess, sometimes I do gently adopt the role of 'Devil's Advocate'.


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