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Below are my monthly jottings about various aspects of decluttering. You can also click on a keyword to view all relevant 'jottings'.


•  Stuck Records and Vicious Circles

A client recently described her behaviour as being like a "stuck record" and that got me thinking.

What does that actually mean? Is there anything we can do about it? Might a stuck record be first cousin to a vicious circle?


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•  Examine your habits if you want to succeed at decluttering

If you've read this title and just thought - "well, my habit is being untidy, that's why I've got so much clutter", you need to think again.  There are a whole raft of habits that will have an adverse effect on your cluttered state.


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•  Are you a Serial Keeper?

By this I mean, are you someone who just can't refrain from keeping things?  Anything?  Everything?


If you recognise yourself in this description, the chances are it's had a huge impact on your life.  



So what can be done?

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